Vote to change policies

Ballot box

If you live in a country where you are able to vote, make it count. Choose leaders – regionally and nationally – that are committed to creating change in the environment and reaching (or exceeding!) global targets and policies that create positive change.

In 2015, there were 20 autocracies in the world, where citizens could not vote for their leaders



  • Individuals are more likely to take action if they feel others support their decision – show them you also want change!
  • Voting is a privilege that has been fought for, do not waste it
  • Sends a message to leaders about your key issues


  • It can be discouraging if you feel your vote has been wasted
  • To create change, it also helps to campaign, which can be costly and time consuming

Making a difference

Nearly two billion voters in 50 countries around the world will headed to the polls in 2019 to elect their leaders.

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Photo Credit: Arnaud Jaegers