Use your diving skills to remove nets

eXXpedition diver tagging a ghost net in the middle of North Pacific

Ghost Diving is a registered charity organization of volunteer technical divers specialized in the removal of lost fishing gear and other marine debris since 2009. It is the biggest international diving team working on this.

Ghost gear is estimated to make up 10% of ocean plastic pollution



  • Utilises specialist skills (diving!)
  • Global reach
  • Visual and easy to communicate to others


  • Diving skills required!
  • Emotional job - you can find a lot of dead marine life in ghost nets
  • There are risks associated with this type of work, hauling large nets

Making a difference

Since 2009, Ghost Diving volunteer divers have removed hundreds of tons of lost fishing nets around the world – including a huge net measuring approximately 150 meters from Santorini!

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Photo Credit: Eleanor Church