Use smart sensors to improve waste management

Street garbage bin in San Francisco

Having an effective waste management system is key to reducing the amount of trash ending up in our oceans. By using smart containers, you can monitor the amount of trash in containers to ensure they are neither overflowing or too empty, helping making waste collection systems smarter worldwide.

90% of the world’s waste is collected at the wrong time



  • Bins only get emptied when they are full, so waste management companies can create efficient on-demand routes
  • Sensors fit in bins of any size


  • Requires a change in behaviour and expectation of those having bins collected (not necessarily every week!)
  • Requires implementation of technology
  • Addition cost of sensors (although they are long-lasting!)

Making a difference

Through the use of Nordsense sensors in San Francisco, the city saw a 80% decrease in overflowing trash cans.

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