Use plastic-packaging free toilet paper

Plastic-free toilet paper roll

Don't accept that your toilet paper should come wrapped in plastic! There are a number of brands, available online and increasingly in shops, that offer paper-wrapped alternatives

The average British consumers goes through 127 rolls of toilet paper per year, most of them sold in plastic packaging.



  • Removes single-use plastic wrapping
  • Some paper packaging can be recycled, composted or find a second life (use them to wrap presents)
  • Some brands also give to great causes, such as global sanitation projects


  • Use of paper has its own environmental impact
  • Products that are shipped long distances can have a higher carbon impact than those produced locally

Making a difference

Major retailer Aldi could save more than 900 tonnes of plastic each year, after announcing trials to remove plastic packaging from toilet roll packs at 174 stores across the UK.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Photo Credit: Claire Mueller