Use plastic-free concentrated refills

Concentrated Plastic-Free Cleaning Sachets

We are Spruce's home delivery subscription model makes adoption of eco-friendly products convenient – each plastic-free refill pack makes a full-sized 500ml bottle of cleaner.

A typical bottle of cleaner is 90% water and less than 10% actual ingredients. This means people are mostly buying water and plastic.



  • Easy eco-friendly option with home delivery, without the need to make trips to refill stations
  • Reduces carbon footprint as refills weigh a hundredth of a typical cleaning bottle
  • Made with safe, non-toxic ingredients
  • Refill packaging is made from 100% plastic-free, home and industrial compostable paper. Dispose your refill pack with your food waste


  • Getting used to the just-add-water refill model
  • Although refilling the Eternity Bottle reduces single-waste plastic, the bottle that comes with the starter pack does contain plastic

Making a difference

Using a refill system prevents 30-50 single-use plastic bottles per household from ending up in the landfill.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

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