Use plant-based single-use medical equipment

Doctor performing surgery

Due to the requirement of cleanliness and avoidance of cross-contamination, hospitals and other medical facilities use a lot of single-use plastic to keep everyone safe. But what if you could use a plant-based alternative and still keep everyone healthy?

It is estimated that one million tons of the annual waste from the U.S. healthcare system can be attributed to plastic packaging and plastic products.



  • Avoids single-use plastic
  • Is not petrochemical based


  • Not available for all products
  • Still requires responsible disposal relevant to the item (plant-based does not mean it's easy to dispose of)
  • Does not tackle the level of consumption of these products

Making a difference

By rethinking products used in the operating room – which make up 30% of all hospital waste – NewGen Surgical helps reduce the overall waste that ends up in landfill and in our environment.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution