Use branded reusable cups at outdoor events

Reusable cups at outdoor festival

Green Goblet is a British, environmentally friendly company that produces the widest selection of Ecocups for the UK market ideal for stadiums, festivals, pub gardens and weddings. Implementing reusable cups and deposit return systems at your pub or event helps reduce the use of single-use plastic cups.

In the UK, around 500,000 cups are littered every day.



  • Reusable cup systems can be profitable and drive loyalty
  • Can be returned to bars for a refund or taken home and reused
  • Cuts out single-use plastic cups


  • Doesn't necessarily prevent littering – reusable cups can also be left at events
  • Needs to be used multiple times to have a smaller footprint than single-use cups
  • Cups are made from plastic, but can be recyclable

Making a difference

Green Goblet supplied branded, reusable pint and half-pint cups to all 11 venues of the ICC Cricket World Cup, preventing 15 tons of landfill waste due to reusable cup schemes.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Photo Credit: Green Goblet