Use a refillable hand sanitiser

Refillable hand sanitiser

Instead of using hand sanitiser in single-use plastic containers, switch to a sanitiser spray made from recycled, ocean-bound plastic.

Up to 10 million empty hand sanitiser and liquid soap bottles used during the coronavirus pandemic are likely to end up in landfill sites in the UK



  • Meets WHO and FDA Sanitiser Guidelines
  • Lasts longer and is more cost-effective than gels
  • Makes a donation of sanitiser to frontline services for every 20 bottles sold
  • Refills are available in aluminium bottles (USA only)


  • Only starts shipping in October
  • Not all products are available outside of the USA
  • Customers not choosing to refill from Sanikind must check their sanitiser meets relevant standards

Making a difference

One Sanikind refill replaces 16 single-use plastic hand sanitiser bottles.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution