Turn plastic into fuel

Scientist holding pot of oil made from plastic waste

WASTX Plastic in Germany has been pioneering a technology to convert plastic into fuel, rolling it out across the nation to help reduce the amount of waste plastic waste that ends up in landfills and turning it into something useful.

Globally, the world produces over 390 million tonnes of plastic per year, the equivalent weight of all humans on earth.



  • Diverts plastic that would have gone to landfill and utilises some of its embedded energy
  • You can install a machine at your own location or pay for it to be installed at a central location


  • Converting to fuel has its own impacts
  • Does not tackle the consumption of single-use plastics at the source

Making a difference

Using the WASTX Plastic Process, Biofabrik can process 1,000 kg of plastic waste per day, and convert 1KG of plastic into 1L of oil.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution