Track products through their full lifecycle

Textile information

The leading Internet of Things platform in fashion retail, Eon powers Connected Products. They have developed the CircularID™ Protocol, which gives each product a digital identity. This can then be used to store and share information that a brand wants to make accessible to existing customers, resellers, new owners and recyclers. This can include material, carbon footprint, information about the supply chain or anything else!

85% of all textiles go to the dump each year.



  • Helps companies track their product throughout its lifecycle
  • Enables better recycling through sharing of material makeup
  • Encourages a continued relationship with customers and allows targeted marketing
  • Can be updated at any time with additional information


  • Requires a deeper knowledge of products and supply chain to share useful information
  • Requires education of stakeholders within the full fashion chain
  • To make the biggest impact, a shared language for connected products should be used, so it is easy for data to be shared and compared – no matter the brand or the user

Making a difference

The potential profits from businesses adopting circular economy models could decrease costs by 20 percent, along with waste.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution