Track Extended Producer Responsibility

A specialist SAP cloud solution helps producers manage their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations and plastic taxes, so they can control and reduce impacts to the downstream waste system and make design changes to eliminate waste. It also provides insights to support circular design processes.

In 2019, packaging waste generated was estimated at 178.1 kg per inhabitant in the EU.



  • Provides transparency and brings together complex packaging data
  • Helps organisations to eliminate plastic packaging waste by enabling circular design
  • Provides insights into downstream impacts of material use
  • Supports producer compliance of material taxes and EPR regulations


  • Pay to use
  • Requires time commitment to collect and input the data to receive meaningful insights

Making a difference

Using an electronic system can empower organisations to transition to a circular product portfolio and deliver on zero-waste commitments.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution