Switch to recycled ropes for your boat

Docklines made out of recycled PET

In 2018, Marlow Ropes launched the Blue Ocean line of eco-conscious 100% recycled ropes. They started with a high-quality dockline rope, and are continuing to expand their range of products to include lowering lines and other types of ropes made from recycled PET bottles.

An estimated 640,000 tonnes of discarded fishing nets and ropes enters the ocean every year.



  • Provides a second life for single-use plastic
  • Recycled ropes have the same qualities as non-recycled alternatives


  • Ropes cannot be recycled again when they need to be replaced – but Marlow works to donate off-cut ropes to schools and charities who repurpose them.
  • Does not tackle the production of plastic at the source

Making a difference

422 plastic bottles are recycled for every 100m of Marlow’s 12mm Blue Ocean Dockline.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Sophie Dingwall