Source recycled plastic in a sustainable way

Landfill overflowing with plastic waste

SAP is piloting technology that will be able to link plastic pickers and beach cleanups, to plastic collectors, reprocessors and buyers.

Over 300 million tonnes of plastic is produced each year with at least 8 million tonnes leaking into the ocean.



  • Provides traceability for everyone in the supply chain
  • Can also be used to track and address welfare of 'pickers'
  • Could increase income for pickers as connects them with buyers of what they have collected
  • May encourage more plastic collection


  • Requires a group of interested parties to be co-ordinated including waste pickers, a collector, a reprocessor and at least one buyer of recycled plastic
  • Requires implementation and training around the new electronic system

Making a difference

This technology is successfully deployed in Africa and is already helping rural farmers grow more crops and has been repurposed to target plastic waste.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution