Serve drinks in reusable cups at sport fixtures

Empty football stadium

In an effort to avoid the safety, cost and logistical implications of serving drinks in glass containers, venues have switched to single-use plastic alternatives. As it becomes clearer that this has a high environmental impact and is becoming socially unacceptable, it might be time to switch back to reuseable cups

A poll of UK football fans found that 84% agree Premier League clubs should ensure reusable or returnable cups are used in their stadiums.



  • Shows your commitment to the environment
  • Gives a more high-end experience for the consumer
  • Can reduce costs in the long-term - especially if you ask customers to bring their own reusables


  • If you are providing the reusables, can be a higher upfront investment
  • Need to consider the logistics of cleaning and storage after use
  • May be health and safety considerations to overcome

Making a difference

By introducing resusable cups in partnership with Sky Ocean Rescue, UK football club Arsenal saves approximately 20,000 from going to landfill every game

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution