Send plastic waste cards

With every purchase you make, you can make an impact on plastic pollution - even when you send greeting cards! Washed Up Cards make greeting cards created with plastic found washed up on rivers and beaches around the UK.

In 2021, volunteers found 385 pieces of litter for every 100 metres of beach on average.



  • Raises awareness of plastic pollution
  • Potential to reach a different audience with messaging
  • The founder, Flora, also arranges beach cleans with her online community
  • No plastic sleeve for shipping!


  • Does not directly tackle the causes of plastic pollution, but might influence someone else to
  • Only small amounts of plastic are cleaned up in the process of creating the products

Making a difference

708 million individual greeting cards were bought in the UK in 2020 - just imagine if they all raised awareness!

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution