Replace car screenwash with tabs

Ditch screenwash in plastic containers. PH Screenwash Tabs are available in blister packs of two and all you need to add is water to create your own screenwash. Drop 1 tablet in the screenwash reservoir of the car, fill up with 5L of tap water and let the magic happen!

UK motorists alone, consume around 100 million plastic tubs of screenwash each year.



  • Fits in your glove box and is ready when you need it
  • Less carbon impact as smaller and lighter to transport than filled screenwash bottles
  • Significantly reduces plastic used


  • Still creates some waste from the blister packs, but much reduced compared to large screenwash bottles

Making a difference

A van load of screenwash tablets would effectively take 36 HGV trucks off the road each time.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Max Tokarev