Remove single-use toiletries from hotel rooms

Toiletries in hotel room

With more and more travellers around the world demanding a more sustainable experience from their accomodation, major hotel chains like Marriott have made commitments to ditch small travel-sized toiletries to reduce their plastic footprint.

InterContinental Hotels Group owns 5,600 hotels around the worldand uses nearly 200 million miniatures every year.



  • A typical large, pump-topped bottle contains the same amount of product as about 10 to 12 tiny, single-use bottles.
  • Larger bottles are refillable and recyclable – unlike the smaller versions which are too small to be cleaned
  • This allows guests to use as much of the product as they may need


  • It takes a long time to implement and roll out across all Marriot's global hotels
  • Requires more maintenance and cleaning by hotel staff in between different guests

Making a difference

Marriott International’s expanded toiletry program is expected to prevent about 500 million tiny bottles annually from going to landfills; that’s about 1.7 million pounds of plastic, a 30 percent annual reduction from current amenity plastic usage.

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Photo Credit: Andrea Davis