Recycle used plastic into bricks

Recycling used plastic into bricks

Plastic was designed to last forever, so why not use recycle single-use plastic it into structures we want to last? Conceptos Plásticos is working with UNICEF to create 528 classrooms made out of recycled plastic for 26,400 students.

Communities in developing nations, such as the city of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, produces about 300 tons of plastic waste a day



  • Cheaper than building cement buildings
  • The bricks are 20% lighter than traditional building materials
  • Creates jobs for women in West Africa who are collecting trash to create bricks
  • Reduces waste in the environment


  • Not enough research has been done to evaluate any toxic release implications of the long-term use of buildings made out of plastic

Making a difference

At full capacity, the plant is expected to recycle 9,600 tonnes of plastic waste per year and will provide a source of income for women living in poverty through the emergence of an official recycling market

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution