Read children's books on ocean plastic pollution

Childrens books on a shelf

Future generations will be the next guardians of our planet, so it's important that they understand the issues that we are facing with plastic pollution and how we can all create change. There are a range of childrens' books available that help communicate the message through stories

From tiny corals to majestic whales, roughly 700 marine species are known to be killed either by the ingestion of plastic or entanglement



  • Uses child-friendly language
  • Is a teaching opportunity is a fun format
  • Different stories available to suit different interests and age ranges


  • Some stories tackle the issue better than others
  • Not always linked to action tackling plastic pollution

Making a difference

The number of new children’s books looking at the climate crisis, global heating and the natural world has more than doubled year over year in 2019.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Photo Credit: Robyn Budlender