Read and share the latest studies on plastic pollution

Microplastic and microfibre samples onboard eXXpedition

New research is being released all the time on plastic pollution, which helps us understand where it is, what it is, where it is coming from and what is happening to it when it is in the ocean. Reading scientific articles can help you understand the problem on a deeper level

The study of plastic and litter pollution at sea started as early as in 1968 and 1975, respectively.



  • Leads to a more comprehensive understanding of plastic pollution and its nuances
  • Allows focus on a particular area of interest


  • Takes time - scientific studies can be long!
  • Sometimes the language can be quite complicated to understand
  • Usually requires the reader to conclude the actions that should follow the research

Making a difference

In 2004, the University of Plymouth first described the presence of microplastics in the marine environment in a paper published in the journal Science by Professor Richard Thompson.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Photo Credit: Sophie Dingwall