Protect your hands with recycled gloves

Disposable latex gloves littered on the ground

Rather than using disposable gloves, you can choose a lower impact reusable alternative. Polyflex Eco gloves are made from recycled plastic water bottles – it's the first glove in the market to use this recycled material.

The world’s largest disposable latex glove maker produces 73.4 billion gloves a year – and they only make up 26% of the global market.



  • Manufacture requires less virgin material, less oil consumption, less water and produces reduced CO2 emissions
  • For every pair of gloves, one plastic water bottle is diverted from landfills or our ocean


  • Not completed recycled, but the most sustainable option to date in the Personal Protective Industry.

Making a difference

Each pair of gloves reuse one 500ml plastic water bottle, uses 14g less CO2, 8ml less oil and 3 times less water than normal gloves.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Michael Havenith