Pack plastic wrappers into bottles to create building blocks

Ecobricks bottles packed with plastic wrappers

An Ecobrick is a reusable building block created by packing clean and dry used plastic into a plastic bottle to a set density. Ecobricks can make modular units, furniture, and earthen gardens and structures. The Global Ecobrick Alliance promotes ecobricking as a collaboration powered technology, grounded in regenerative principles.

In the UK, more than 60% of all the plastic we use is ending up in landfill, incinerated, or in our environment and oceans.



  • Easy for everyone to take part
  • Gives single-use plastic a second life


  • Does not encourage reducing purchase and use of single-use plastic
  • May not be a successful long-term building material
  • Long-term will have to be disposed of

Making a difference

By the end of 2019, 20,000 kg of plastic has been converted into 58,221 Ecobricks.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution