Organise a Great Nurdle Hunt

Sample jars containing plastic nurdles

Nurdles are small plastic pellets which, when melted together, are used by industry to make nearly all our plastic products. The Great Nurdle Hunt has put together some advice on finding them – just don't forget to send them your data afterwards!

Globally, there is an estimated 230,000 tonnes of plastic pellets (or nurdles) polluting our oceans every year.



  • Encourages beach clean up
  • Engages all ages in plastic pollution
  • Provides data for scientists and lobbyists to inform and create change


  • Only focuses on one type of marine debris

Making a difference

Nearly 1,000 people worldwide joined the Great Global Nurdle Hunt between 13-22nd March 2020.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Photo Credit: Jamie Colman