Introduce a buy-back scheme

Pile of clothes being sold into a buyback scheme

Buy back schemes allow companies to take the responsibility for the entire life cycle of their product, reselling items or reusing what materials they can while promoting loyalty across their customer base. Stuffstr helps retailers around the world make recommerce easy for everyone: no listings, no shipping, no hassle.

The average garment gets 5 wears before its discarded.



  • Reduces fashion waste and increases resource use
  • Can save money through re-use of materials and make money through secondary purchasing
  • Engages your customer base in more sustainable consumption
  • Encourages customer loyalty through 'credit back' system


  • Depending on your product range and materials, can be expensive and inefficient to implement
  • Requires re-education of your consumer

Making a difference

In the UK, the average lifetime for an item of clothing is estimated as 2.2 years. Extending the life of clothing can significantly reduce its environmental impact.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution