Host a clothes swap

Clothing hanging from a rack

Swapping an item of clothing may not seem like a radical act, but extending the use of our clothes is a powerful act in reducing their environmental impact. Whether you're a seasoned thrifter and second-hand shopper or trying exchanging clothes for a first time, host a clothes swap on your own and invite your friends, colleagues or open it up to members of the public.

Only about 15% of our textile waste gets recycled.



  • Saves money
  • Gives clothing a second life and diverts away from landfill
  • Can engage your community and network in reuse


  • Requires organisation and promotion
  • May end up with excess clothing that needs disposal

Making a difference

Fashion Revolution's Global Swap events have helped swapped, collected (with partner wearable collections) and give new life to over 1.4 million pounds of clothes.

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Photo Credit: Alexandra Gorn