Fish for plastic

Fishing Net

Take some fishing nets for a trip down your city's rivers to raise awareness for the plastic entering the oceans through rivers while also helping catch it. Do it yourself or join an organisation, like Active 360 in London or Plastic Whale in Amsterdam to take part.

It's estimated that between 1.15 and 2.41 million metric tons of plastic enters the ocean every year via rivers.



  • Hands on way to tackle plastic pollution
  • Use your preferred river transport - SUP, boat or water bike!
  • Great to engage local communities


  • Waste needs to be correctly disposed of (Plastic Whale turns it into boats!)
  • Does not tackle plastic at its source

Making a difference

In Amsterdam, more than 20.000 people have already gone plastic fishing with the Plastic Whale.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Raghavendra Saralaya