Engage fishermen in recovering marine debris

Fisherman collecting fishing nets

The Ecoalf Foundation works with hundreds of fisherman in Spain and Thailand to promote the selective recovery of discarded fishing nets and other marine debris in order to remove it from the oceans and recycle it into new products.

An estimated 640,000 tonnes of ghost nets are left in our ocean each year.



  • Support collaborations to remove ghost nets from the ocean
  • Empowers and employes local fisherman to participate in the circular economy
  • Creates awareness around the problem of discarded fishing nets to create change in the fishing industry


  • There are inconsistencies in the quality of marine debris recovered as a consequence of it's exposure to sunlight, salt and water
  • There are environmental costs associated with the collection, transportation, and cleaning of ghost nets before they can be recycled

Making a difference

Ecoalf Foundation has managed to involve more than 3000 fishermen in 40 ports, amounting to a total of 550 sea trawlers and collecting 500 tons of trash from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Photo Credited: Fredrik Ohlander