Eliminate single-use plastic from meetings

Meeting with reusable water bottles on the table

In 2018, the IAPCO launched a campaign to raise awareness in the global events and meetings industry of the importance of reducing single-use plastic. Companies are asked to sign a pledge to take an action towards removing single-use plastic from their meetings

50% of plastics produced each year is for single-use purpose.



  • Encourages businesses to start thinking about their single-use plastic use internally
  • Easy to sign up your company
  • You join a community of companies also publicly taking the pledge


  • Might require change in company culture and wider company buy in
  • Pledges need to be carefully chosen, as they may be too small to make an impact

Making a difference

Over 133 companies with a combined workforce of over 9200 employees have pledged to remove single-use plastic from over 18,660 meetings a year.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Photo Credit: Nikkey Dawn