Create accessories from leftover fabric

Hammock made out of recycled, leftover fabric

The Finisterre Fabric Use-Up Project was founded to solve the problem of unused quality fabric left over from recycled insulation, and most recently waterproof jackets. By repurposing this material, they designed a range of accessories, including wallets, wash bags, hats and totes (to replace plastic bags).

The fashion industry produces an estimated 40 billion square meters of leftover textile per year.



  • Utilises waste materials that could end up in landfill or the environment
  • Promotes waste reduction across the clothing industry
  • All leftover scraps used in the Fabric Use-Up Project are 100% recycled polyester or merino wool
  • Saves money


  • Every product manufactured still has its own environmental footprint

Making a difference

In 2020, Finisterre donated over 500 meters of leftover fabric to Cornwall Scrubs to help produce items for the NHS.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution