Create a Bubble Barrier to trap river debris

Underwater bubbles

The bubble barrier designed by the The Great Bubble Barrier creates a bubble screen within the waterway by pumping air through a tube with holes in it, diverting the waste and guiding the plastic to the catchment system on the riverside. The first Bubble Barrier was launched in the Westerdok in Amsterdam at the end of 2019, helping prevent canal plastic from flowing in to the North Sea.

80% of plastic waste in the ocean comes directly from land, mainly through our rivers and waterways.



  • Uses the natural current of a river and is fish friendly
  • Increases oxygen in the water, which stimulates the ecosystem and stops the growth of toxic blue algae
  • Intercepts waste before it reaches the ocean


  • Depending on the river current, it may not intercept all of the plastic waste

Making a difference

During its pilot on the river IJssel, the Bubble Barrier blocked 86% of all test material under all weather conditions present during a Dutch November month.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Photo Credit: Andre Noboa