Conduct a brand audit of plastic pollution

Hand holding multiple plastic bottle caps from different brands

By categorizing and counting branded plastic packaging during a cleanup or collection effort, thousands of people have helped identify the corporations most responsible for plastic pollution with #breakfreefromplastic

Out of the 476,423 pieces of plastic collected during World Clean up Day 2019, 43% of which were marked with a clear consumer brand.



  • Can be completed in any location - your home, office, community or coastline
  • Easy-to-follow guide
  • Data is added to a global database
  • Targets specific brands


  • Requires research, organisation and promotion
  • Waste needs sorting and careful disposal

Making a difference

72,541 volunteers conducted 484 audits in 51 countries to help identify the top 10 polluters in the world.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Photo Credit: Jamie Colman