Choose cans instead of plastic bottles

Sparkling water can

Avoid using single-use plastic bottles on the go by picking up a can of drink instead.

Recycling an aluminium can saves 90% of the energy required to create one out of new metal.



  • For on the go is as convenient as a plastic bottle
  • Aluminium recycling is closed loop - you can recycle it as many times as you like without it losing its qualities. Plastic is not like this.
  • Many countries have a great infrastructure for this type of recycling


  • Both plastic and aluminium have a high impact for their first use, so this only works if you recycle!
  • Does not move consumers away from single-use consumerism

Making a difference

Recycling rates for aluminium cans vary worldwide. In the UK, the recycling rate has reportedly risen to 75%, its highest ever level. In Brazil, it’s more than 90%.

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