Buy bags made from sails

Sails are made from high-quality durable materials that can have a useful second-life after they are retired from boat use. Some companies, like The Sea Monkey Project, are repurposing sails, kites, fishing nets and plastic into sustainable bags and accessories.

A boat changes its sails every six to eight years, producing up to 50 square meters of material waste.



  • Made from 100% upcycled sails, kites, fishing nets, & plastic
  • The materials library consists entirely of discarded, disused, and donated materials
  • Each bag is one-of-a-kind, featuring totally unique colorways
  • Material is durable and weather resistant - perfect for bags!


  • Eventually these bags will need to be disposed of, but they will have a second-use first!

Making a difference

For each bag purchased, The Sea Monkey Project will plant 1 mangrove tree through our partnership with EarthRestoration.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution