Buy and sell unused fabric

Woman holding fabric scraps

Queen of Raw is a marketplace to quickly and easily buy unused fabrics online. These materials normally would end up burned or buried. It matches buyers and sellers of unused and sustainable fabric, keeping it out of landfills and turning pollution into profit.

Every single year, $120 billion dollars worth of unused fabric just sits in warehouses collecting dust, or is burned or sent to landfill.



  • Can purchase in small or large quantities to suit your needs
  • Free to list products
  • No membership fee
  • Gives value to waste products that would otherwise go to landfill or incineration


  • Fees apply on sales

Making a difference

Queen of Raw have already saved over 1 billion gallons of water. That’s enough clean water for 1.43 million people to drink around the world for 3 years.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution