Avoid non-stick pots and pans

Frying Pan

The myth of indestructible non-stick pans has made it's way into many households around the world. Yet health experts and advocates say nonsticks should have been banned years ago, due to the use of carcinogenic chemicals involved in Teflon production, making it's way into our bodies. Avoid exposing yourself to chemicals in your kitchen by switching the pans in your cupboard to stainless steel options.

70% of all cookware sold in the United States is nonstick. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), the carcinogenic chemical involved in Teflon production until a few years ago, is so prevalent that it is present in nearly every American’s bloodstream in measurable quantities.



  • Avoiding non-stick pans reduces your exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Consumer demand can help pressure companies to take more responsibility for their production process
  • There are a wide range of stainless steel pans available at all price points


  • Cost of purchasing a new set of pans
  • Nonstick pans must be properly disposed of

Making a difference

Switching to a durable, safe alternative for cookware is both better for your health and better for the environment.

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Photo Credit: Helinton Fantin