Attach a Trash Picker to Paddles

Paddle boarding

Starboard has created a Trash Picker made from recycled plastic that now comes standard with all watersport paddles. You can attach it to your paddle and easily remove litter items like floating plastic bags or packaging.

Each day, the top five plastic-polluting rivers in the world deposit 1,652 tons of plastic particulates into the sea.



  • Easy to catch plastic when out paddling
  • Encourages paddlers to think about collecting plastic in their environment
  • Simple to use / attach to your paddle


  • Only works with items you can collect with a hook

Making a difference

With 22.9 million Americans taking part in paddle sports every year, imagine the waste that could be collected if everyone had a trash picker on their paddle!

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Photo Credit: Ling Gigi