Ask companies "What's in my clothes?"

Clothing label on the inside of a shirt

After a Dutch study in 2019 which discovered that labelling in clothes often does not reflect the actual textile makeup Fashion Revolution launched the #whatsinmyclothes campaign to ask companies to look closer at their materials and supply chains. You can help by using their email template to ask #whatsinmyclothes

Over 10,000 garments were tested by Circle Economy: in 41% of cases the garment composition labels did not match the composition of the garment.



  • Encourages clothing companies to further investigate their supply chains
  • May highlight unknown synthetics in 'natural fibre' clothing
  • Quick and easy to do


  • Emails are a great way to start the conversation, but the company needs to take action

Making a difference

3.25 million people engage with Fashion Revolution's campaigns on social media.

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