Apply for an education grant

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As much as it would be great to provide all environmental education for free, there are often costs that are involved even if it is just travel and printing of materials. Applying for an education grant can give you the financial boost you need to make it happen

Globally, the world produces over 390 million tonnes of plastic per year, the equivalent weight of all humans on earth.



  • Can help you overcome financial barriers to delivering programmes
  • Writing funding applications can be a great way to identify the key benefits of your programme
  • Gives you the opportunity to tailor your request to your particular programme or group


  • You might have to search out funding opportunities for your community
  • Applications take time to write and are not a guarantee of funding
  • Grants will usually require reports and measurement of impact after delivery

Making a difference

Grants Online is UK's most comprehensive and up to date UK grant funding database, with millions of pounds dispursed each year towards protecting the environment.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Photo Credit: Taylor Wilcox