Add protective layers to fruit

An argument for the continued use of plastic in supermarkets is that they wish to prolong the life of the produce - in transit, in store and in your home. Apeel utilises natural materials from peels, seeds and pulp to create an extra protective peel to keep fruit and vegetables fresh.

According to the UN FAO, over 40% of fresh produce goes to waste.



  • Inspired by nature and made from natural materials
  • Treated produce lasts at least twice as long as untreated produce
  • The extra peel is edible, tasteless and safe to eat


  • Not currently used everywhere. As interest grows, fruit and veg with an extra peel will be more widely available
  • Suppliers and retailers need to be aware of this innovation to sign up
  • Retailers can only sell what suppliers can provide

Making a difference

Produce can be kept fresh for up to twice as long without using plastic.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Ja Ma