Add community action to your event

Plastic debris on the beach organised by colours

If you are already organising an event, why not add an element of community action to tackle plastic at the same time! Bring in activities and content that engage people with the environment in ways that relate to your organisation – clean ups, plastic waste art competitions, design challenges, film screenings or anything else. Find ways to incorporate protecting the oceans at your next event.

Globally, the world produces over 390 million tonnes of plastic per year, the equivalent weight of all humans on earth.



  • Is a great way to engage with your community and consumers
  • Shows your company cares about the environment
  • People are seeking out ways they can make a difference
  • Is an opportunity to make taking action on plastic pollution more relevant to people's lives


  • May require additional budget and resources to coordinate
  • Needs follow up to ensure it is not just a one-time action

Making a difference

From accepting plastic as payment for beers to incorporating beach clean ups as part of their festival lineups, Corona beer has made protecting the oceans central to all of their experiences.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Photo Credit: Jasmin Sessler