Start a plastic recycling workspace

Recycling station making 3D filament from plastic waste

Precious Plastic is a project trying to boost plastic recycling worldwide. They do this by providing tools and knowledge to people around the world, for free! Recycling workspace starter kits include detailed information in building recycling machines, product ideas, and more!

Only 9% of plastics ever made have been recycled.



  • Is particularly beneficial for areas where there is a lot of waste plastic that is not being processed through traditional waste management channels
  • Helps connect with the local community and educate people about plastic pollution
  • Can become a source of income through the recycled plastic or created products


  • Involves an up-front investment in the components to build the machines, but because you are building them yourself this is at a reduced cost
  • Not every type of plastic can be recycled using the Precious Plastic machines. They only recommend HDPE (#2), PP (#5), and PS (#6).
  • You can only recycle plastic so many times before it loses some of its positive properties

Making a difference

Around 1,000 people, groups and organisation are working with Precious Plastic machines and knowledge around the world.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Photo Credit: Precious Plastic