Replace school fees with plastic waste

Children lining up to get into school, bringing their recycling to cover school fees

A primary school in northeastern India has started accepting bags of plastic waste in payment for tuition. Once a week, each child is required to bring at least 25 plastic items.

Backyard burning is of particular health concern because it produces significant quantities of dioxins. Dioxins and "dioxin like" compounds are a group of 30 highly toxic chlorinated organic chemicals.



  • Gives waste a value
  • Encourages reduction in 'back-yard burning' of plastic which releases toxics
  • Increases school attendance
  • Teaches children about community and environmental action


  • Works in remote communities, but may encourage single-use plastic use in a different environment

Making a difference

School attendees have increased from 20 when it opened in 2016, to 100 in 2019

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Photo Credit: Ashkar Foundation