Replace neoprene with plant-based rubber

Surfer paddling out wearing wetsuit

Yulex brings non-sensitizing, high performing, 100% plant based, specialty natural rubber materials to consumers and brands. From neoprene wetsuits to oceanware, Yulex's natural materials offer a natural alternative to petroleum-based products.

An estimated 65 million tons of plastic-based textile materials used in activewear and outerwear are generated every year.



  • Reduces petroleum-based textiles
  • Yulex's natural materials help prevent latex allergies
  • Yulex neoprene generates less CO2 during manufacturing compared to synthetic neoprene


  • Less styles to choose from
  • More expensive than the alternatives

Making a difference

Yulex neoprene material actually outperforms its toxic predecessor while producing 80% less CO2 during manufacturing process.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Photo Credit: Tim Marshall