Join the #tenlittlepieces movement

Hand holding pieces of plastic collected from beach

Make a difference to the places you love by collecting ten little pieces of rubbish, anytime, anywhere, as part of the Ten Little Pieces movement. It opens conversations around environmental stewardship, impact, regenerative principles and a reframing of our concept of waste through solutions-based thinking. Involving children is actively encouraged.

Cigarette butts, food wrappers, straws, single-use utensils and plastic drink bottles are the top 5 most commonly found items at beach clean ups.



  • Accessible - anyone can take part
  • Engages local communities in the waste challenges in their own area
  • Easy to communicate and opens conversations about waste
  • Every little piece intercepted from reaching our oceans makes a difference.


  • Awareness raised through litter collection is only the first step towards change, the Ten Little Pieces education program dives deeper to empower upstream action.

Making a difference

Since starting Ten Little Pieces two years ago, thousands of people of all ages have joined the movement across every continent (including Antarctica!), and has been especially impactful in helping empower youth as agents of cultural change.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Alison Foley