Join the #plasticfreepints movement

Plastic free pint at the park

With COVID19, there has been a visible resurgence in the use of single-use plastic cups by venues – especially for outdoor events and pints in the park. Organisations in the UK, including ECODISCO and Ours to Save, have started a campaign to encourage you to bring your reusable cup and use #plasticfreepints to inspire change

Over 450 pubs in London alone have started serving takeaway pints in single-use containers due to COVID-19.



  • Avoids use of single-use
  • Easy to communicate
  • Scientists have published a statement to reassure public reusable containers are safe during pandemic


  • May require purchase of a reusable alternative if you don't already have suitable container at home
  • Requires behaviour change from consumers
  • Some venues may not allow use of your own cup

Making a difference

So far several pubs in London are taking part in #plasticfreepints, including the Wheatsheaf in Tooting and the Crooked Well in Camberwell.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Gabriel Santos