Find products made from recycled plastic

Hand holding a backpack made from recycled materials

Buying recycled products is essential to create demand for recycled, rather than virgin, plastic. The Buy Recycled Products Directory – an initiative by More Recycling – provides listings of recycled plastic products and packaging. Each is labelled with the percentage of recycled content, type of plastic used and whether the product has received third-party Recycled Content Certification.

Only 9% of the plastic produced is actually recycled.



  • Creates demand for recycled content and, therefore, gives it value
  • Gives plastic a second life
  • Any company using post-consumer plastic recycled content can submit their products to the directory


  • Requires consumers to make an active choice to use the directory
  • In most cases, plastic can only be recycled effectively once, then must be disposed of through traditional waste management systems
  • Ideally all products would be created from recycled content

Making a difference

The Buy Recycled Products Directory has hundreds of products listed in apparel, accessories, home care and household goods many of which are made with 100% recycled materials.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Luis Quintero