Earn rewards for using paper bags

People holding reusable paper bags

Pick up a Bagboard paper bag from a participating retailer and you can earn points every time you use it to shop. Points can then be used to get discounts on planet-friendly brands. Bagboard also donates a portion of advertising revenue to cleaning up plastic waste with the Plastic Bank.

It is estimated that between one to five trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year. Five trillion is almost 10 million plastic bags a minute.



  • Free for retailers and customers
  • Helps small businesses replace single-use plastic bags
  • Bagboard donates a portion of their advertising revenue to help collect plastic waste with the Plastic Bank
  • Reward scheme encourages people to purchase sustainable brands


  • Paper bags also have an environmental footprint, but these are designed to be hardwearing, water resistant and recyclable

Making a difference

1361kg of plastic has already been removed through the trial programming to date.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution