Carry reusable utensils

Reusable utensils

When choosing to eat food on the go, you are often provided with single-use cutlery. Although this is convenient, these items that you use for only a few minutes take hundreds of years to break down and, even then, they don't disappear completely. Carrying reusable utensils is a quick and easy solution

40 billion disposable plastic utensils are used in the U.S. every year,



  • Convenient as you carry with you
  • Durable – no more breakable single-use forks!
  • You can just carry the utensils you use at home - no need to buy a specific set!


  • Upfront cost
  • Need to have a sensible solution for carrying and be easy to clean
  • Must remember to take them with you

Making a difference

In 2016, France was the first country to ban plastic dinnerware.

There are hundreds of other ways to solve plastic pollution

Photo Credit: Claire McCluskey